Regular office cleanings are the key to a healthy environment and can reduce the spread of germs in your office, reducing the number of sick days employees take.

Professional cleaning will reduce employee sick leave.

Palm Beach & Broward Building Maintenance


Palm Beach & Broward Building Maintenance ensures that our employees abide by all safety, building rules and regulations which may be promulgated from time to time by either of us as they pertain to our operations.

We furnish adequate Worker's Compensation Insurance.  Contract Completion and Public Liability Insurance, and Employee Bonding.

Office Cleaning - (small and large offices)
Areas to be covered:  the premises covered include, but are not limited to, all office space, entrance lobby, public halls, lunch room, and lavatories.

Large & Small Facilities:
Including multi-tenant buildings, or single tenant buildings, establishing and modifying services in concert with the particular specifications of the client and their specific needs. We listen to what you want and need and modify our services accordingly.

Facilities include (but not limited to):

- Private Offices.
- Banks.
- Schools.
- Government Buildings.
- Clinics.
- Doctor's Offices.
- Dentist Offices.
- Health Care Facilities.
- Lawyer Offices.
- Day Care Centers.
- Libraries.
- Police Stations.
- Fire Stations.
- Court Houses.
- Secured Facilities.
- Large Commercial Facilities and Buildings.
- Office Buildings.
- Class A Buildings.
- Car Dealerships.
- Condo Common Areas.
- Hotel Common Areas.

Standard Area Specifications: 
- Vacuum all carpeted areas (involves moving light furniture other than desk, file cabinets, etc.);
- Vacuum and mop tile flooring to ensure dust free floors with special attention given to hard-to-
   reach areas; 
- Clean lunch room floor,
- Clean counter tops, chairs and outside of all appliances, inside microwaves,
- Empty wastepaper baskets and clean all ash trays (trash shall be properly bagged and carried to
  appropriate site);  
- Dust furniture, fixtures and partitions (our personnel shall not disturb papers on desks, tables or
- Dust baseboards, chair rails, trim, louvers, pictures, frames, charts and doors (within reach); 
- Wipe clean window sills;  wipe clean interior glass on as needed basis, 
- Wipe clean entrance door glass.

 Lavatory Specifications: 
- Sanitize and wash flooring with approved germicidal detergent solution; 
- Wash and polish mirrors, power shelves, bright work, including flushometers, piping, and toilet
   seat hinges; 
- Wash both side of toilet seats, wash basins, bowls, urinals with approved germicidal detergent
- Empty and clean towel and sanitary disposal receptacles; 
- Clean partitions, tile walls, dispensers, and doors; 
- Polish all chrome fixtures; 
- Remove wastepaper and refuse;  fill toilet tissue, hand soap, and towel dispensers with supplies.

 Floor and Upholstery Services
  • Strip and Wax of Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) and floors
  • Polishing of Stone Floors - marble, terrazzo, etc.
  • Wood Floors - waxing and buffing
  • Scrubbing of ceramic tile floors
  • Sealing of ceramic tile floors
  • Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and shampooing (includes stain and odor removal)
  • Stain Retardant Treatments - Scotch Guard 
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